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Home Checks

Northern Landworks, LLC is now offering Seasonal or Year-Round Home Checks in Door County, WI. We are a reputable, reliable, and locally owned company based out of Sturgeon Bay that you can count on and trust to check on your home when you are not able to.

Learn about the owner/operator of Northern Landworks, Andrew Fox


During your extended absence from your home, we visit the home regularly to inspect for common issues that can arise from a home being vacant. We fill out a complete inspection report for your records and can email you the report upon request and/or send a walk-through video. Below are items that are covered under our standard vacant home inspection:


  • Ensure all entrances are secure: perform visual check for evidence of forced entry vandalism, theft or damage

  • Check all outside faucets and hoses for leaks

  • Ensure that all storage sheds are closed and locked

  • Removal of newspapers, flyers, packages, mail or other evidence of non-occupancy from exterior

  • Visual inspection of the roof and gutters from the ground

  • Visual inspection of the yard/landscaping to assure regular maintenance

  • Check the irrigation system to reflect appropriate seasonal settings

  • Ensure that driveway has been plowed and sidewalks have been shoveled

  • Ensure that the lawn has been mowed

  • Look for trees or bushes that are down

  • Ensure that garbage cans and recycling bins are properly stored

  • Start and run automobiles

  • Bring in the mail

  • Pick up any garbage or stray items on the property


  • Inspect for signs of theft, vandalism, damage or other disturbance

  • Check that all windows and entryways are secure

  • Check the security system is set and working properly

  • Check that all inside lighting timers are set accordingly

  • Visual inspection for signs of pest or unusual insect activity

  • Visual inspection of walls, ceiling, tubs, showers and sinks for evidence of water damage, leakage, or mold or mildew

  • Check and adjust the thermostat to correct temperature

  • Check the freezer, refrigerator, and disposal to insure they are working

  • Visually check that hot water heater does not have leakage

  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors (costs of batteries will be charged to client)

  • Check fuse box for tripped breakers or evidence of a power surge

  • Flush all toilets

  • Visual inspection of the Heater/ Air Conditioner

  • Ensure that the sump pump is working properly

  • Ensure that no water is collecting around the water softener or sump pump

  • Change furnace filters each quarter

  • Start automobile (upon client’s request)

  • Water Plants (upon client’s request)

  • Add chemicals per owner’s instruction to hot tubs/ pools. (We do not check water levels or ensure that chemicals are balanced)


The first and most obvious reason to have a vacant home manager is because leaving a property empty for extended periods of time leads to problems both inside and out. Problems will vary depending on what season the home is left vacant, but below are a few of the potential issues that may arise:

  • Rain gutters will accumulate leaves and clog.

  • Mail, fliers and newspapers will pile up acting as a calling card to would-be burglars.

  • Pipes can freeze during cold spells due to the heater not being on and cause extensive damage when uncontrolled thawing occurs.

  • Infestations of insects and rodents may occur.

  • If a pipe bursts or roof leaks the home will continuously be damaged until you return.

  • When toilets and sinks are not run often, the P-Traps in the plumbing system become dry and will allow methane gas from the sewer to seep up through the pipes and enter your home causing an unpleasant welcome to you or any potential buyer.    



  • Plowing is available for customers in our home check program. 


  • Let us help get your home ready for you. 

  • Grocery pick up 

  • Blow and clean off deck or patio

  • Hose and power wash exterior furniture

  • Deliver fire wood

  • Get your boat ready


The vacant home check services are extremely affordable and can be adjusted to fit your particular needs.

Each of our customers all have different needs and for that reason we don't have standard pricing. 

Our price will reflect your specific home care needs.

We are here to help you enjoy your time in Door County. Need something done that's not on the list, just ask!​

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